SEO experts know what they're doing

Online marketers for companies may feel confident in their abilities and want to lead a local SEO campaign based on their previous experiences. These professionals, however, may not have the necessary skill set to thoroughly and efficiently optimize a company's online presence in order to increase visibility, website traffic and revenue.

While many aspects of online marketing are consistent for email, social media and SEO, optimizing a website requires further in-depth knowledge on the latest trends, best practices and industry changes that affect website rankings on search engine results pages. Because the SEO industry and technology are constantly changing and evolving, professionals are designated to stay current on the latest adjustments to help companies understand what must be changed and why these variations occur over time.

What to talk about with the pros
Once the company has opted to work with a professional SEO consulting group or expert, it should start strategizing how the website and online presence will work to improve business operations. Will the website be used for brand exposure, customer interaction, lead generation or as a transactional gateway? Once this has been determined, the SEO team will be able to draft a strategy to meet the needs and expectations of the company through keyword placement, link building, media enhancement and social activities, MEMEBurn reported.

SEO companies are successful in their tactics because they develop campaigns based on clarity in reporting and implementation. When explaining previous campaigns to new customers, SEO providers will leverage graphs and images from websites such as Google Analytics to illustrate how figures, traffic and revenue will grow over time once new tactics have been put into place. It is up to the company to understand what each graph and statistic means with regard to operational success to monitor the SEO provider's work with the website, MEMEBurn reported.

Need-to-know phrases
When working with SEO professionals, changes and decisions can be made faster and more efficiently if the company or marketing team understands some basic SEO terms or phrases. Anchor text is the visible text that is hyperlinked in page content. Anchor texts are usually highlighted or underlined and can be clicked on. Because they are important to the website's navigation, the text should contain a relevant keyword as part of the SEO strategy, Business 2 Community reported.

Backlinks are inbound links that come from an external website linking back to the company web page. Google and other search engines view inbound links as a vote for the site, and the more backlinks from legitimate, pertinent websites, the better the company's search engine results page ranking will be, Business 2 Community reported.