SEO keeps marketers on pace with - and ahead - of competitors

Marketers looking to increase visibility and build greater brand awareness should explore integrating mobile and social solutions into multichannel campaigns. Both marketing and information technology are needed to develop a thorough and effective campaign, and tactics such as local SEO and social media interactions will increase online traffic and drive returns on investment.

The most effective multichannel marketing campaigns leverage mobile technology and social marketing tactics that require marketing professionals to maintain accounts and keep online content up to date. The combination of mobile and social components in marketing campaigns also aids smaller businesses in keeping pace with large enterprises on local, national and global levels.

IBM study
IBM's May 2012 State of Marketing survey revealed 41 percent of marketing professionals named growth of marketing channels and devices as a top priority to their company in the near future, followed closely by customer collaboration and influence, return on investment accountability and financial constraints. As the digital and mobile environments continue to grow in popularity, marketers are expected to adjust campaigns and strategies to play into new technology and leverage on-demand consumer needs and interactions.

In order to remain in front of customers, marketers must look into mobile technology, with which many consumers opt to browse for information, compare prices and make purchases. Mobile-optimized websites offer companies an opportunity to share their ecommerce platforms in a smartphone or tablet-friendly format, while mobile applications offer consumers an easily navigable tool to browse or shop on the go.

The survey found 46 percent of marketers use mobile websites and 45 percent use mobile apps. About 30 percent of the remaining marketers plan to implement a mobile resource in the next year. Further, 35 percent of marketers currently deploy mobile versions of email, 32 percent use mobile messaging campaigns, 27 percent launch location-based targeting efforts and 23 percent have created mobile advertisements.

Mobile SEO
According to Search Engine Land, mobile resources and tools are important for companies of all sizes. But many third-party mobile marketing providers can work with small businesses to optimize their mobile programs and content to further strengthen SEO strategies and place companies in line with larger competitors in the digital marketplace.

While it is understood that mobile apps are gateways to increased sales, what many online marketers do not realize is that customers must first be aware of the apps and download them before they can make purchases. Thus, mobile-optimized features and apps must be advertised on the company website to build awareness and drive downloads, Search Engine Land reported.

The mobile apps and websites should be optimized with keywords, video and links similar to a standard website. Mobile SEO strategies usually include adding a product name into HTML page titles, resizing images so they can be picked up by search engine algorithms in the mobile format, and altering product copy to bullet points and lists to make it easier for mobile viewers to absorb information, Search Engine Land reported.