SEO strategies from the experts

Although online marketing teams may want to learn as they go while developing a local SEO campaign, many would benefit from guidance and expertise of SEO professionals in the industry.

Matt Cutts, an online marketing professional, recently shared his insights and tips on duplicate content, infographics and differentiating from competitors during an interview with Stone Temple Consulting.

Cutts said companies should not only avoid placing duplicate information on their website as a means to increase keyword usage, but also develop unique content and update it regularly. Google is now searching for more than duplicate content when it peruses websites and determines their rankings. The search engine is hunting for quality content and informative links that bring value to the viewer. By regularly changing content, adding fresh information and linking to credible sources, companies can maintain high rankings while setting themselves apart from competitors.

A common misconception in the online marketing world is that only big-brand names are able to rank highly on search engine results. Cutts told the source that a brand of any size has the opportunity to rank highly on a Google search results page if it is able to fully optimize their website and maintain an active page with updated content and valuable information. The goal of Google's algorithms that determine rankings is to find the websites that will provide the greatest value to the viewer based on their entered search. Whether the website is run by a small boutique or an international corporation does not affect the search results pages. Even the presence of an advertiser does not affect the rankings.

"One of the great things about the web is that it still offers up-and-coming businesses opportunities to build their own reputation online," Cutts said. "This can enable them to succeed even though other companies may have large advertising budgets."

Search Engine Journal also listed some SEO techniques small businesses and startups should focus on when first deploying an online presence. Smaller organizations must focus on identifying target keywords to spread out on the web pages, as well as implement as many branding efforts as possible to connect all content to a single source or name. If a website appears to be branded, Google will recognize it as a legitimate source worth sharing with viewers.

After keywords have been identified, small companies should focus on content creation. They should produce information and posts that can offer value to the viewer that can be recognized by search engine algorithms. The content should include links to reputable external sources as well as unique text to differentiate from competitors, Search Engine Journal reported.