SEO tackles unique challenges

Companies across a variety of industries are launching local SEO campaigns to increase visibility, drive website traffic and boost sales. SEO strategies enable small business owners and online marketing teams to develop personalized approaches to achieving these goals, allowing for unique campaigns that can stand out from competitors.

For most business-to-business companies, customer engagement is a constant challenge. One online retailer recently launched an SEO campaign when creating awareness for its photo identification products among customers in the government, education, healthcare and retail sectors. The enterprise went through the standard steps of deploying a strong SEO strategy including keyword selection, website content updates, company blog and social media accounts. While website traffic improved, customer engagement with other businesses, however, remained lacking.

To further extend the SEO campaign, the company looked to increase its inbound links from peer and industry websites. To achieve this goal, the business created a content-rich landing page where visitors could enter a contest to submit a design and win a prize. Because specific consumers were interested in the contest, adding the page to the website was more effective than social media in engaging the right type of viewer for the company. The contest brought in 87 entries, 7,450 votes and nearly 1,000 Facebook likes, exponentially increasing brand visibility.