SEO thrives off value, authority

One aspect of many first-time local SEO campaigns is the establishment of value and authority in all content on a website or throughout an online profile. Companies working on their first SEO strategies may focus more on the implementation of keywords throughout web pages, blogs or social media activities. Although keyword placement is important, it is even more vital that the content being created is authoritative and offers value to the consumer viewing the page.

Everything PR reported search engines such as Google and Bing have updated their algorithms that determine a ranking for each website when developing search results pages. These algorithms will factor in keyword placement, but place greater value in the quality of the content provided. Websites that offer new, pertinent information to the visitor, as well as links to other reputable sources, will be seen as more beneficial to an online consumer than a website with a strong keyword strategy alone.

In addition, the content and links being shared on the website and via social media channels should also demonstrate an authoritative tone to the algorithms and visitors. Websites that present researched information with confidence and supporting resources will be viewed as a respected voice in an industry and will rank higher on search results pages.