SEO ups company inquiries 600 percent

NoCo Gold and Diamond recently reported a 600 percent increase in cash for gold inquiries from consumers over the past few months. The company credits the spike in business to a recently deployed local SEO campaign to boost the enterprise's presence online.

Three months ago, NoCo Gold and Diamond was receiving about one call per week regarding cash for gold customers. Since deploying a new local SEO strategy, NoCo Gold and Diamond has developed a strong presence in the online world to significantly increase its consumer base. The company has implemented blogs, website development and press releases, along with on-page optimization. The SEO strategy improved the company's average ranking in Google searches through the implementation of keywords in content located throughout the company's website. The site is reporting increased traffic daily, as people looking to sell gold and diamonds can now find NoCo Gold and Diamond more easily online.

NoCo Gold and Diamond was able to leverage SEO, social media and local internet marketing efforts to reach a wider consumer base. Since improving its online presence, the company has experienced a wider variety of customers, seeking to sell not only gold, but other used jewelry as well.

"I think SEO optimization also allowed me to reach out to these potential sellers and acquire new markets that were previously inaccessible to me," NoCo's CEO said. "We tell our customers that we are always looking for people to sell silver and precious stones to us, and I think the new website also really helps point internet users who are wondering where to sell diamonds in the right direction."

In a blog post for Search Engine Watch, search marketing expert Josh McCoy said the most important component to SEO strategies is the smart use of multi-dimensional content. Search engines use constantly updated algorithms to determine which websites should be ranked the highest with regard to specific keyword searches. Because these algorithms are not consistent, it is better for companies to leverage multi-dimensional content to adapt quickly to changing techniques or strategies to boost SEO rankings.

When talking about multi-dimensional content, McCoy is referring to more than text, but also video, social and images. Each of these forms of content provide a unique platform through which keywords and tags can be added to further optimize the website and provide unique content, making it more valuable to the search engine.