SEO v. pay-per-click

SEO v. pay-per-click

When approaching a local SEO campaign, online marketing teams and small business owners have a variety of options in front of them. There are many schools of thought regarding how best to approach an SEO campaign and what strategies will offer the highest return on investment for companies, stakeholders and marketing teams.

One common debate lies in the value of SEO and pay-per-click strategies, with experts torn on which strategy will turn out the best results. While the debate continues, many experts are favoring SEO tactics as a means to ensure consistent messaging and keyword implementation throughout the website that can evolve with search engine algorithms and best practices in the industry more so than pay-per-click (PPC). Recent research suggests that PPC is slowly declining in its ability to generate new leads for companies, indicating the service may becoming obsolete.

Weigh the options
Business2Community compared SEO and PPC, arguing one solution is easier while the other has more long-term benefits. SEO takes significant research on the part of the SEO team or online marketers. It can be a time-consuming practice that calls for an ongoing commitment to providing fresh content, updated information and consistent online activity in order to be ranked highly by search engines.

Because search engines such as Google continually update their algorithms which determine a website's rankings in search engine inquiries, online marketers must stay abreast of the latest advancements and adjust their SEO campaigns accordingly. While the strategy can be a hassle for some companies, the efforts can pay off in the end with consistently high rankings on search engines, which in turn drive traffic, increase sales and boost visibility, Business2Community reported.

PPC, on the other hand, also requires a good amount of research before being successfully implemented. Marketers must know what keywords they wish to target and how much they want to spend each time someone clicks on a the keyword directing them to the website. The cost of keywords varies by popularity, so selections should be made carefully in order to receive the maximum return on each investment, Business2Community reported.

While PPC allows online marketers to have greater control over their website traffic, testing keywords and landing pages, and comparing advertisement options, it can be very expensive and hard to predict. PPC campaigns do not leave website visibility at the mercy of search engine algorithms, but must be monitored consistently to ensure the money being spent is returning effective results, Business2Community reported.