SMBs love social

While large corporations are known for their extensive optimization strategies, many small and medium-sized businesses are also finding success with local SEO strategies on their own or with a third-party expert team.

A recent study from j2 Global found many small businesses are becoming more confident about their growth potential for the rest of 2012 and beyond thanks to new tactics being implemented to boost online visibility and traffic. About 37 percent of small businesses are using Facebook as a platform through which to do business, 24 percent prefer LinkedIn and 18 percent are dabbling in Google+. Social media networks are becoming an affordable and SEO-friendly format for many online businesses. Facebook is the No. 1 choice for hospitals, Google+ is popular with medical professionals and LinkedIn is full of consultants. Twitter and YouTube are the main social networks for technology firms.

One reason SMBs are embracing online trends such as social media and SEO tactics is due to the high growth potential offered by the strategies. Search Engine Land reported a strong SEO platform based on unique, frequently-updated content, and strategic keyword and phrase placement throughout the website and social media accounts is helping small businesses with minimal budgets compete with large competitors in the digital sphere.