Tools to aid in content creation

The recent updates to Google algorithms are sending ripple effects throughout the online marketing community. Companies that had originally developed strategies to do the bare minimum to improve their website's rankings must reassess their local SEO initiative in order to bring their website up to higher standards to maintain a high search results page ranking.

Content creation
One of the main components of a highly ranked website is the creation of unique content that is regularly updated and shared on the website as well as through social media channels. The content must not only be adjusted or created on a regular basis, but provide fresh and relevant information for the viewer regarding the company, the product or service being offered, or the industry.

Several SEO experts agree that website content creation is an important opportunity for online marketing that all companies should take advantage of. Red Orbit reported SEO experts understand how social media and online marketing can go hand-in-hand in the majority of campaigns. Companies must focus on creating content that is on point with the brand's image, voice, message and style while still offering something of value to the viewer in an informative way. Content no longer has to be divided up as either marketing or information. Rather, SEO tactics can help optimize valuable, informative content to add more resources to marketing campaigns and boost website rankings drastically.

Many companies are opting to create blogs on their websites as a source of regularly updated content pertinent to the needs and interests of the target audience. Blog posts can take many forms and voices. Some companies opt to outsource their blog creation to freelance writers, offering newsworthy articles relevant to the company's industry or business.

Other companies want to make the blog an extension of its individual voice and will offer opinion pieces or how-to guides for viewers. Either way, blog posts should offer consistent messaging and style, with appropriate keyword placement to aid SEO strategies, and be updated regularly to improve the website's rankings.

One way to help create awareness of a company blog is to provide links throughout the blog to other resources and bloggers who may repay the favor with links to the company's website. The blog should provide information and insight without straying from the company image or business. Blog posts should be distributed via social media channels, as well, in order to reach consumers in as many media outlets as possible.