Videos boost SEO strength

One way to increase the amount of unique, media-rich content on a company website is to create and deploy a video as part of a local SEO strategy. Many companies are working with third-party SEO experts to devise video strategies to produce optimized content on their website or YouTube channels that are searcher-friendly and pertinent to their company offerings.

IMedia Connection listed a few ways companies are optimizing their video for online searches in search engines and YouTube. When creating a video, online marketers should ensure the quality of the video footage is on par with the rest of the website and social media accounts. Keywords should be strategically placed to strengthen online visibility, but not be overused to the point of reducing the quality of the content. Sitemaps should also be adjusted on the website based on the addition of new video footage. Many SEO errors occur when a video is added to a website and not added to a sitemap. The video is indexed and linked to a website automatically, but companies must manually alter their sitemaps to account for the new content.

There are third-party SEO providers that can help companies not only produce a highly optimized video, but also place it strategically on YouTube and other social media sites to get the content to go viral in the digital sphere. Video marketing is a popular trend for companies growing their online presence and visibility. High-quality marketing videos and placement can help optimized websites maintain high rankings on search engine results pages and boost overall SEO strategies.