Viral vs. authority for off-site SEO

Any thorough local SEO campaign includes both on- and off-site strategies. On-site SEO refers to optimization of a website through keyword placement and content tactics. Off-site SEO involves acquiring links to the company website from other websites online, known as backlinks. When selecting which backlinks to incorporate into an SEO strategy, companies should consider the reputation of the source, information presented to the visitor and how it will help the company establish itself as an authority.

Lakestar Media reported many companies debate whether the importance of backlinks is determined by its authoritative tone or viral capabilities. Although it is understood that quality, well-researched information delivered with confidence and a reputation to back it up will make a website valuable as a backlink. Press releases, for example, offer a strong, authoritative source of information that can link back to a website while also informing news sources such as bloggers and websites of company activity.

But with the way information is being shared online in trending waves, websites with viral qualities are also presenting themselves as sources of SEO success and increased traffic to a website. Online videos featuring pop culture references or entertainment news, for example, grab a viewer's attention and offer many benefits. While the videos may not provide the most substantial information to the viewer, they are shared rapidly for entertainment purposes and can increase website traffic exponentially when tagged and optimized correctly, Lakestar Media reported.