Website content should be compelling, informative

The writing of website copy can be challenging for many online marketing teams. While a local SEO strategy calls for content to be filled with keywords and phrases to boost search engine rankings, what is provided to the viewer on a company website should also be filled with information and intrigue to boost conversion rates online.

Dynamic Business reported SEO rankings are not only dependent on how many keywords a website has in it. Rather, the search engine algorithms rank websites based on a number of factors, including unique content with an informative value to the consumer. The website copy should offer information pertinent to company products, services or industry, providing a benefit and reason for conversion. The content should include authoritative information, as well as links to useful external resources to boost SEO rankings and value to the viewer.

In order to optimize content beyond keyword implementation, companies should ensure not to sacrifice the quality of the content for the sake of keyword placement. While a strong keyword strategy is the basis of a successful SEO strategy, highly valuable content that is updated regularly enhances SEO efforts and helps optimized websites maintain high search engine rankings, Dynamic Business reported.

Another way to add insightful content to a company website is launch a strong blog. Promotion World reported good blogs contain original content, are written in concise language that is easy to understand and are continually updated with new posts and links. The blogs should not only inform the reader but invite interaction with the brand online, to boost SEO efforts across numerous platforms.