Websites launch extended SEO campaigns

Liberty Health Network recently added two new Wordpress-powered information sites to boost the company's local SEO efforts and enhance its online marketing strategy.

By adding and, Liberty Health Network hopes to provide its customers with relevant cosmetic information to help build a reputation as an expert source for skincare questions and concerns. Liberty Health Network has implemented an intense SEO strategy that was able to boost to the No. 2 ranking on Google using the keyword phrase "smooth my wrinkles," while searches for "smooth skin store" also landed the websites on the first page of Google search results.

While selecting specific keywords is vital to any SEO strategy, Terra outlined a few common SEO mistakes that can derail online marketing efforts quickly. One such mistake is building low-value backlinks from spam or irrelevant websites. Link building is a key component to online marketing strategies, but the value of the tactic lies in the quality and pertinence of the website being linked.

Another mistake small companies make is developing a website that cannot be indexed properly. In order for a website to be ranked highly on a search engine results page, it must first be pulled from a list of indexed pages that are analyzed by search engine ranking algorithms. Content such as Flash animations, Javascript and other code elements are difficult to index and therefore do not process through search engines in a way that helps SEO rankings, Terra reported.