Aligning keywords and content is key to an SEO campaign

Building a local SEO campaign takes time and resources. However, prioritizing efforts in a manageable way can lead to sustainable traffic and brand awareness.

After compiling a list of at least 10 target keywords, small business owners should consider building a strategy to match them to different pages on their websites, according to Search Engine Watch.

Basic pages such as About Us, Contact Us, a homepage and brand product pages will ensure that branded keywords relate to the products being offered.

In addition, a solid alignment between keyword and content is integral. The news source suggests adding two to three keywords per page or a variation of the keyword phrase, instead of overloading each page with keyword-heavy, less-human-sounding content.

It also may help to peruse competitors' pages to determine which keyword or keyword phrases they already seem to be "winning." Doing this can help narrow down terms that haven't been used yet and offer opportunities for SEO growth.

According to the homepage for entrepreneur Evan Carmichael, keyword overload can lead search engines to think a company's website is spam, resulting in a significantly lower ranking.