Amassing inbound links is paramount to a successful local SEO campaign

Inbound links are difficult to obtain, because a site must first prove that it's an authority in its field with compelling, updated content, Search Engine Watch reports. Thus, Google's algorithm thinks very fondly of links, and it's important for businesses to know what constitutes a good one.

The news source reports in a separate article that relevancy is a key factor in determining whether a link is effective. A good link should have the potential to deliver relevant visitors.

For example, it helps if link visitors are from a targeted geolocation - which essentially means ensuring that a URL has a country code top-level domain in the country for which the business is attempting to grow traffic.

Furthermore, creating a following - even if it's a small one - is useful for luring inbound links, because the site can be found on reputable media databases or industry-specific directories. Something as a simple as adding a detailed "About Us" section can also help.

Lastly, regional relevancy and linking-page content relevancy are important because if the linking page isn't thematically relevant, it's likely a site won't be able to lure in visitors within its specific niche.