Asking for Yelp reviews has results in high failure rate

Customer reviews can go a long way toward bolstering a local SEO campaign. Whether it's on a company website or a third-party site such as Yelp, people are typically looking to take action when they conduct a local search, and they usually want the service they choose to be reputable.

Just one or two bad reviews may completely turn off a potential customer, so business owners need to do everything in their power to garner positive reviews. Search Engine Watch suggests a few key strategies to encourage good feedback.

The news source suggests that owners don't outright ask for customers to review their business on Yelp. While the tactic may result in a few positive reviews here or there, Yelp's spam filter will eventually eliminate the review if the person isn't a frequent reviewer on the site. This hurts twofold - the company loses the review, and if the person returns to give more feedback, they won't be able to view their original review anymore.

Furthermore, owners should be prompt in their review requests. According to Ted Paff, CEO of review service Customer Lobby, distributing comment card reviews at the time of service see an 80-to-90 percent completion rate.

Lastly, a follow-up email three days after an initial request can greatly increase chances of a conversion.