Auditing can improve local SEO success

SEO platform Conductor recently released the second part of its "Unoptimized SEO" series called How SEOs are Missing out on Natural Search Traffic by Neglecting On-Page Auditing.

The company surveyed 46 SEO professionals in an effort to understand if their on-page auditing behavior resulted in optimal page visibility.

Researchers found that 48 percent reported they believed they were auditing as frequently as needed, 75 percent audited their pages less than once a week, while more than 50 percent audited less than twice per month.

According to Conductor's Resource Center, "SEOs are missing out on significant opportunities to drive qualified natural search traffic that their competition may be leveraging by not auditing their web pages as frequently or as thoroughly as they should be."

Researchers also found that 87 believed they'd audit more frequently with some sort of automation technology, as it takes up to four full-time resources to manually audit 500 pages of content. There was also a disparity in the amount of times a webpage changed - four to five times per week - and the less-than-frequent amount of audits that companies deploy.