Avoiding local SEO Cardinal Sins

There are a variety of ways to be more visible to major search engines, such as adding a blog to a site, embedding video and obtaining inbound links, according to Flyte New Media.

However, there are also a variety of local SEO mistakes that business owners commit, resulting in wasted effort and little or no return on investment.

For example, some owners want their web pages to be extravagant, and hire a designer to use large pictures on each page. Search engines are blind and recognize text over pictures, so it's important to provide keyword-rich copy and link certain words to other pages on a site where users can find more information.

Furthermore, a site's title tag may not be descriptive enough. Tags should also be keyword-heavy and specific to the content on each page. According to the blog for Minneapolis SEO consultant Nick LeRoy, title tags should accurately describe a site's service, include well-ranked keywords and be short enough so that it won't be truncated in search results.

Lastly, keywords can become an issue if the company's primary audience isn't familiar with the terms used, or if the terms are too broad. Performing a keyword analysis can provide insight on words or phrases that will rank better.