Being unique is the quickest way to increase site ranking

Business owners might believe that the more content is added to a website, the better chance it has of climbing up Google's local search results. They believe that with more content comes a greater opportunity to input keywords, and a better chance Google's search algorithm picks it up.

However, Search Engine Roundtable notes that this isn't the case. Owners must balance quantity with quality. The news source points to a recent thread from the website High Rankings, where users upheld the need for unique content.

"Pages have to create unique enough value that they can be distinguished from other similar pages by the search engines," one user said, quoted by the news source.

ZDNet Asia backs up this claim by stating that useful, relevant content should drive websites. Companies that use tactics such as content or link farming tend to get penalized by the search engine, and risk seriously harming their site rankings.

The news source adds that search engines loathe duplicate content, and being unique is a fundamental need with so many businesses offering varieties of the same products.