Bing's new buttons induce action

Bing recently added a feature to streamline the user decision-making process, which can allow businesses to complete transactions faster and with more simplicity.

The search company's new action buttons provide users with quick links to perform specific search-related actions on the web. For example, a search for an airline will pop up links to check flight status, book a flight or check in. A search for a hotel will result in options to book a room, find locations or access its rewards program.

"Based on how people search, our algorithms now determine top actions and corresponding links in the site for a given category with high precision," said Deepak Vijaywargi, program manager at Bing, as quoted by Search Engine Watch.

The action buttons feature will be available across seven popular Bing search categories, including airlines, restaurants, banks, rental cars, hotels and software downloads. Business owners in these fields should take notice and attempt to improve their local SEO ranks, as users may be more likely to choose an option at the top of the page when presented with these actions.