Businesses can benefit from Google + in the future

The creation of Google's social networking site, Google +, may eventually change the landscape of the company's search algorithm and the way businesses conduct their local SEO campaigns, according to Forbes.

Google + won't offer an option for a business profile until later this year. However, given the fact that G+ isn't yet inundated with company pages or spam, it may be beneficial to get involved anyway, bNet reports.

Business owners should also pay attention to the +1 feature on Google's search results. Clicking the button next to a result signals a user's approval, validating it as a reputable source of information - similar to Facebook's "Like" button. However, the +1 feature may eventually connect all user-endorsed information across the internet. Each recommendation contributes to a user's personal search algorithm, which means search results may eventually become customized based on tastes, interests, past searches and other behaviors.

Forbes adds that Google + simplifies Facebook's convoluted privacy settings with the addition of contact circles that can easily be organized to determine which group of contacts can view certain profile information.

Mashable notes that Ford, Breaking News and Mashable have already created accounts on the site, but their profiles have since been deleted because Google prefers company's wait until the business page is launched.