Businesses should start Google + strategy preparation now

Despite the fact that businesses are currently banned from having pages on Google +, the company has accelerated its timeline for brand profiles and plans on unveiling the option by late fall, ClickZ reports.

In the meantime, Search Engine Watch points out that now is the time for businesses to strategize a plan for their Google + accounts and discussing how their efforts will drive traffic to increase visibility and local SEO ranking.

The news source suggests gathering a list of key brand influencers to determine whether they currently have an active Google + account, while also committing to learning the nuances of the site to determine how it differs from other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

In addition, a marketing strategy should include potential ways to communicate in this new arena, and determining what a company's target audience is looking for, such as if the options offered on Google +, will alter the way people interact about topics.

Lastly, don't overwhelm new users with unwanted messages, considering the plethora of content people are likely to receive once they join. A slow, precise and constantly tweaked approach based on reactions will be most effective.