Copy links can enhance mobile marketing SEO

Search engines provide ample page rank boosts for websites that have a plethora of inbound links. However, Search Engine Land reports that it's just as important to consider links on a company's own website, and how they connect to other pages on the site.

Google recognizes descriptive links over generic ones. For example, if a user is on a website for a plumber, the term "services" is not enough context or reassurance for Google - "plumber services" would be the better option.

Mobile web designers must also take into account the smaller mobile screen. Shorter links are necessary, so context may not always be feasible. In that case, the media outlet recommends adding more copy links - the blue-colored hyperlinks that lead to additional pages - whenever a fact or feature that can be found on another page is referenced.

SEOMoz's blog adds that adding copy links inside relevant content blocks - such as the body of a page - carry more SEO-related value than if they were placed on a sidebar or footer.