Creating a search persona optimized for a target audience

When creating a website, business owners should find a balance between keywords and content that keeps users interested but provides enough information for Google's search algorithm to vault their website to the first page of search results.

Understanding a target audience's (TA) search agenda is key to creating this balance and maximizing a local SEO campaign to create a "search persona," according to Search Engine Watch.

The news source notes that identifying a TA's use of keywords can be helpful for optimizi
ng a website to coordinate with these terms, and queries used by the TA should be aligned with business goals. Also, examining what time the TA typically performs searches can help create more effective point-per-click campaigns.

Providing real, compelling solutions is another necessary component of creating a search persona. Encourage the user to explore a website's content further by creating a landing page with actionable content, such as an "Add to shopping cart" button. A discount code or online form that allows a site owner to stay in contact with the user can also be effective.

Tracking the success of these metrics can help determine where tweaks or changes need to be implemented.