Developing a global SEO campaign

If a company has a worldwide presence, it would be prudent to consider a global SEO strategy in addition to the typical local SEO campaign, Search Engine Watch reports.

Econsultancy explains that a global SEO strategy should result in a website that's "accessible, readable, comprehendible, communicable and appeals to a large customer base."

However, this is not easy undertaking, as analyzing global trends can take some time. But there are some benchmarks that all companies can use to maximize global SEO, no matter what business they're in.

The website must have quality content - spamming a page with keywords will result in difficult-to-decipher text for foreign readers. The verbiage should be as universal as possible and easily interpreted. Flashy language, jargon or abbreviations should be avoided.

A simple lexicon will also make it easier to translate a site into another language. The news source suggests manually translating rather than using an automatic translator, as those are prone to errors and verb confusion.

Lastly, targeting keywords with local references can result in search engines categorizing a website into a local market, negatively affecting global ratings.