Diverse SEO strategy keeps Google happy

Simply adding a listing on Google Places is not enough for businesses to become visible on local search. Implementing a diverse SEO strategy is a necessary component for any owner hoping to harness the power of Google to increase revenue.

Search England Land points out that new, unique content is one the major drivers of local SEO success. However, constantly updating a website takes commitment. This involves littering a company's website with optimized keywords on every page - not just the homepage. A blog or a "news and offers" section can also keep a site regularly updated.

SEOptimise notes that owners can get into trouble if a site contains duplicate content, which can result in a significant drop in rankings. Low-quality or unreadable content can also be detrimental, while plagiarizing from other sites is a foolproof way to decrease visibility.

Furthermore, SEL notes that business owners shouldn't place too much emphasis on citations. They should create an equal amount of inbound links and find websites where posting both a physical and web address is allowed.

Lastly, there's no harm in asking a satisfied customer to write a review for a business. The power of a positive review shouldn't be overlooked.