Don't skimp on help from outside sources

Gaining insight on how to increase local SEO ranking doesn't always have to come from those assigned to focus on SEO within the company. Search Engine Watch suggests that other departments may have assets or valuable information to help improve campaigns in the future.

For example, a public relations department may be able to obtain links from authoritative domains. By educating its members about keyword strategy, the department may be more likely to achieve links from contextually relevant content.

The pay-per-click team can find low-competition, well-converting keywords to add to a local SEO strategy, while social media team members can help to identify key online influences, such as intriguing content to talk about or topics to develop additional content from.

Display team members can utilize their sponsorship contacts to achieve better placement on well-known sites, while those in the purchasing department will be able to explain which products are needed to rank higher in the future.

All of these departments have their strengths and can provide an SEO expert with information he or she might not have otherwise been aware of. Improving a site's local SEO to a top spot on Google is essential for improving site traffic and overall business.