Foursquare redesign gives businesses more reason to use local SEO

Foursquare launched a redesign of its web-based local business pages on April 23. This change marks a shift from check-ins being a fun activity between friends to now helping customers find local restaurants, services and retail shops.

The new design has less white space and more information, and user-uploaded photos are now displayed prominently at the top of each business' page. The revamp features a section that shows which of the user's friends have been to that local business, as well as an updated sidebar with recommendations of nearby and similar places to explore. Foursquare says the new layout was designed to be more user-friendly than before so PC users can quickly find the information they need like location, business hours and recommendations.

For small businesses, the Foursquare redesign provides another good reason to use local search marketing. Mike Singleton, lead engineer at Foursquare, recently told Tech Crunch that Foursquare has 33 million app users out of its 50 million unique visitors. This means there is potential for this web redesign to convert the millions of mobile Foursquare users to web users if they continue to see Foursquare as a competitor with Yelp, Facebook and Google Local.