Google +1 button bogging down websites, lowering SEO rankings?

Adding a Google +1 button to a website had previously acted as a source of slowdown in terms of page loading, Search Engine Roundtable reports.

One webmaster told the news source that it was difficult to fit the button in alignment with others on his site. In addition, the site experienced significant slowdown following the insert and the page was rendered frozen while the +1 button loaded.

Considering Google's launch of its new social network, websites may view the addition of the +1 button as a modern, trendy thing to do.

However, another webmaster who contacted the news source claimed that his local SEO rankings fell following the addition of the button and shortly after removal, site traffic returned.

Search Engline Land reports that Google recently upgraded its +1 button to load three times faster than it previously had, without the need for web developers to alter the code of a website to input the changes. Furthermore, a snippet was released in addition that allows a web page to load while the browser downloads the +1 button script separately, without affecting the page.