Google +1s can now be tracked by webmasters

Google+1 was recently included in the social tracking and reporting module of a Manhattan-based SEO technology company, signaling its increasing popularity among webmasters.

The tracking device provides information for marketers and site developers to use to improve their local SEO campaigns. It features Facebook likes, shares and clicks, Twitter mentions, LinkedIn shares and now, Google+1s.

This is of considerable importance for business owners, as they can use the information to examine the social success of their sites and their competition, Search Engine Land reports.

"The inclusion of +1 is valuable in understanding both the potential organic search ranking impact of +1s and a booming interest in the new platform," said Seth Besmertnik, CEO of the SEO company, as quoted by the news source.

Currently, the number of +1s isn't nearly as prevalent as those of Facebook and Twitter activities. However, Google expects the +1 button to increase in popularity and to integrate into other social tracking platforms once the public becomes more familiar with its benefits and how to use it.