Google AdWords card to assist resource-constrained small business owners

Google is offering an AdWords credit card to small- to medium-sized business advertisers who can’t get credit in the current economic climate, Search Engine Watch reports.

Reuters points out that Google AdWords - the ads that appear alongside local search results - is facing increased competition for ad revenue from other companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook. This new addition provides an added incentive for businesses to advertise on Google, especially given the card's 8.99 percent interest rate and lack of annual fees.

And although the card is geared toward small businesses, Brent Callinicos, Google's Treasurer, said that may change as the company determines the effect the card has on customer spending.

"Even though (availability) will skew toward the smaller businesses, obviously we want to cast a wide enough net so we can see what resonates depending on your historical monthly spend, he told the news source.

A combination of internal efforts and assistance from a financial partner will determine the creditworthiness of each customer, and Google will begin offering card invitations via email to select users.