Google integrates review terms into local search

Earlier this week, Google unveiled a new local SEO function that utilizes the terms used in reviews to narrow down options during a local search.

Descriptive Terms examines all the reviews for a given business to find the most frequently used phrases, Search Engine Watch reports. When a user searches for a place to eat, drink or visit, he or she can also type in certain words or phrases that can specifically tailor the search to their needs.

For example, if a person is searching for a bar with a great beer selection, he or she can type in that phrase after a local search for places in their area. Google then optimizes the results to show only locations with a wide variety of libations.

Searchnewz reports that this is currently just a Google Maps function, but it will eventually expand to the company's other offerings - Google Places, and Google Maps for mobile.

Search Engine Watch points out that the new feature heightens the importance of a local business' public relations manager, and increases the value of a good review.