Google Now and local search

Local search has taken a turn for the better with the rapid increase of smartphone use, and marketers now have ample opportunities to make their business visible to the wide variety of users searching for local businesses on mobile devices. The Verge recently reported Google Now is offering a new search app for iPhones and iPads. With a heavier emphasis on search and local search, users have a lot more options at their hands. This means that businesses have more of a responsibility to make their websites and products or services available to the public. Local organizations need to be able to connect with consumers or potential clients in their community, and optimizing the company website appropriately will help do just that.

Google Now features
Google Now is fairly new to the mobile realm, but it is proving to be a very advanced search tool for users. Search Engine Land stated the feature is faster, more accurate and intuitive. SEL gave the example of offering currency exchange rates, foreign language translations and bank locations before the user even searches for it. This means that mobile devices and Google are able to pinpoint locations and offer information based on users' needs. SEL calls this a "predictive" or "anticipatory" search and points out that the app learns about people the more they interact with it. This is possible because Google Now absorbs user information based on location, searches, email, calendar events and through other Google services that tie into the overall experience.

The future of Google Now
The Verge said there have been speculations that Google Now is going to expand to a wide variety of platforms, though it has mainly stuck to iOS and Android devices for now. There has been rapid expansion of the Google Now app on the Android, as Google believes it to be the proper mobile platform to support its services, but the tech company may venture out to other phones and improve iOS opportunities in the future.

Search Engine Land suggested that Google Now may be heading to desktop, which could continue to revolutionize the way people search and interact with search engines, though Google has not confirmed this move just yet. Marketers should be ready for any new expansion moves from the tech company and continue learning how to work with local search optimization on Google Now so prospects can come in contact with the business' information and website.