How legitimate is your paid SEO service?

There are many factors that go into creating a successful local SEO campaign. These include link building, keyword integration, creating quality content and monitoring customer reviews.

Some companies many not have the knowledge to do it themselves or the budget to hire a quality SEO expert, and according to the blog of SEO professional David Naylor, there are a variety of people and businesses that offer a paid service but fail to produce positive results.

These can include SEO scammers, who take an owner's money and disappear, never to be contacted again.

SEO outsourcers forward all of the owner's needs to people who will work for a fraction of the cost in another country, and who may be years behind on current SEO tactics. In all likelihood, outsourcing an SEO campaign will lead to a site being penalized.

SEO pay-per-clickers don't explain the different between SEO and PPC. By relying on an owners' naivety, they get a site ranked "via sponsored listings for long obscure keywords that nobody searches," Naylor says.

Lastly, it's common to hand over an SEO campaign to an SEO amateur. These are typically web designers who recently dabbled in SEO by reading some books or blogs and categorize themselves as experts. However, the majority of advanced SEO knowledge cannot be found in books.