Identifying opportunities to enhance an SEO campaign

The most effective way to drive future local SEO campaigns is to determine what's worked in the past. Using this data to identify successes and areas that still need work will lay the groundwork to successfully create visibility going forward.

According to Search Engine Watch, data analysis can be broken down into three phases - performance reporting, opportunity identification and prioritization.

The goals of performance reporting are to identify if SEO performance indicators are aligning to a website's goals and to determine any significant reductions in traffic or rankings. If inadvertent site changes created a negative ripple in terms of Google placement, it's important to take corrective action to modify them.

Additionally, opportunities for new ways to increase performance include recognizing new keywords, internal links, external links and technical issues that need to be addressed.

Lastly, taking into consideration time needed, ease of implementation, conversion rates and potential for additional search traffic can help determine the return-on-investment of the new campaign opportunities.

Search Engine Land adds that utilizing mobile devices can add another element to an SEO campaign, as long as the mobile site is stripped down to an email registration or phone number callback form.