Market to a variety of digital screens with local SEO

Consumers interact with brands on different devices daily, whether it is on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. This means that marketers need to have local search strategies that allow target audiences to connect with the company online on any device they choose. Studies show that people are on different digital screens and have yet to pick one and stick with it. Marketing to a wide variety of devices is now key.

Econsultancy supplied statistics from YuMe that showed 34 percent of consumers seek entertainment on their laptops, 38 percent on their smartphones and 28 percent on tablets. Those who are researching brands on search engines or are looking for local businesses online are looking for them on a variety of different screens.

Introducing mobile SEO should be a top priority for some companies. Search Engine Journal points out that Google is designing new campaign management programs that make it easier for marketers to offer ads based on where consumers are and which device they are using. In other words, maintaining a site that is visible on all different digital platforms is the future of local SEO.