Optimizing SEO campaigns for the holidays

The upcoming holiday season represents significant revenue opportunities for a business' ecommerce and brick-and-mortar locations.

However, in order to lure customers to a physical store, web marketers should consider altering their SEO strategy to fit the mindset of the holiday consumer, notes Asking Smarter Questions.

During the holiday season, brand-specific searches are more typical. Thus, companies should start to focus on brand-specific keywords that also implement a local search element.

For example, if an electronics business in Spokane, Washington, wants to draw traffic to its website and store, Asking Smarter Questions suggests it may consider a keyword such as "Spokane Samsung HDTV dealer." This move has two benefits - competition for the keyword will be minimal, and the business will be able to reach a highly qualified audience.

Shoppers are also going to want to purchase holiday gifts at stores within their proximity. This means a company's Google Places page should be thoroughly updated and include custom holiday-related attributes so it's visible on local search.

Search Engine Land explains that even if a company didn't get started on its holiday SEO optimization early, there are still last-minute tactics it could deploy. These include getting inbound blog links, modifying titles and content to correlate with seasonal keyword trends, and eliminating duplicate content.