Recognize user differences for a mobile SEO campaign

There are different local SEO standards for mobile websites because they involve a different user experience than if the person were using a desktop computer, Search Engine Land reports.

Primarily, the first position on Google search results matters more on mobile than it does on a desktop, because of the minimized digital shelf. This means that even a slight drop on the first page - from, say, first to fourth - is enough to make a site less visible by mobile users.

Mobile users tend to be more engaged and less interested in scrolling down to see additional search results. Thus, if a site isn't positioned in the top one or two spots, it isn't truly optimizing its SEO campaign for mobile.

Furthermore, mobile users aren't always traveling to Google's home screen to conduct searches, thanks to options such as Google Goggles and Voice Search. Intent is conveyed differently, plus mobile searchers tend to make queries at different times of the day than desktop users.

Another factor webmasters should take into account when doing keyword research for a mobile SEO campaign is the use of mobile visual search. Optimizing for logo queries is another way to affect positioning that many brands aren't aware of, the news source notes in a separate article.