Remain current with long-lasting SEO techniques

Google's search algorithm changes at least one per day, according to a Google webmaster YouTube video. Understanding this, businesses must remain stringent in their use of durable local SEO techniques in order to ensure they remain relevant and visible, and can stand the test of time.

Search Engine Watch outlines eight basic SEO tactics that will always earn a higher Google rank if performed correctly. These include following basic on-page SEO rules, quality inbound links, building authority, enhancing the user experience, freshness, diversity, feedback and compatibility with updated technology.

To touch on some of these points, quality inbound links require that a site's content be good enough for someone else in their niche to reference. Because this can be quite challenging, inbound links are seen as having the biggest impact on page rank.

Furthermore, owners can build authority by cultivating relationships with other authoritative sites and pursuing their links, having a fast page-load speed and low bounce rate and enhancing the user experience. Constantly updating content to ensure freshness while creating a site convertible to mobile is key, as its emergence has forced Google to discount sites that aren't smartphone-compatible.