Small conversions can equal big gains

Micro-conversions are often overlooked by online marketers, because no noteworthy impact - such as signing up for an email newsletter or making a purchase - is made. However, KISSmetrics' blog reports that micro-conversions - such as clicking on a link, visiting a page or watching a video - can add up to a purchase if performed correctly.

A micro-conversation opportunity can present itself as a product, pricing information or competitor comparison page, or as a demo video, follow-up email, white paper download or contact page.

In order to determine which of these actions was successful in leading to further engagement or purchases, owners should use analytics software. Advanced analysis software beyond Google Analytics is needed to track micro-conversations.

Once enough data is gathered, managers can determine which micro steps were the most critical in making a sale and establish more effective ways to highlight them. Conversely, if a step is proven to be interfering with the user experience, then it may need to be omitted.

Search Engine Watch reports a micro-conversion opportunity such as a landing page should have minimal "escape routes" for a user to follow another link to an outside source. This will increase the probability that the user will continue along the owner's intended path.