Study: Exact keyword domain names lead to PPC success

According to a recent study by domain name specialists Memorable Domains, generic domain names proved to be more successful than custom ones for advertisers' pay per click campaigns, Search Engine Watch reports.

Researchers for the company hypothesized that service-related keywords within a website's domain name or landing page would attract more local search users browsing for that product or service than those that did not contain the keywords.

The study tested which of three generic domains -, and -would achieve 2,000 total clicks the fastest.

ElectricBicycles experienced the most success, showing a 42 percent increase in clickthrough its rate. It also received 105 percent more clicks than InAHurry and 45 percent more than YourBikes.

Researchers concluded that a domain that's an exact match to a keyword offers the strongest possibility for traffic because of the similarity it possesses to the product being searched for, the automatic bolding of search terms in the domain and the potential positive impact of the domain name on ad quality score.

The news source adds that this was one of the first studies to address how domain name impacts PPC marketing efforts.