The link between local SEO and conversion rates

As more people interact on company websites and sign up for email subscriptions, request a newsletter or even purchase a product or service, Google will see the site as reputable and worthy. Conversions have a significant impact on local SEO functions for a website, and marketers need to be aware of how customer interaction will lead to higher ranking. This means sites should be properly optimized to attract people searching for local companies, but it should also lead visitors to click on calls to action and convert interested parties into leads or purchasing customers.

Effect on small businesses
Search Engine Journal pointed out that local SEO is necessary for all small businesses, especially if there is a physical location that consumers can visit. If company websites aren't optimized to appear in local searches, there will be a widening gap between brands and their target audience. There is stiff competition between businesses in the same community, and creating professional local SEO strategies from an inbound marketing approach will bring the right prospects to the company website or store. The best way to attract people is by focusing all SEO efforts on providing the best brand experience and making products or services readily available for people to see. This will ultimately lead to higher conversion rates, as prospects will connect with the brand on a deeper level.

Explaining the link
Local search is so inherently and cyclically connected to conversion rates, where local efforts increase conversions and higher conversions lead to better SEO. Businesses need to reach out to every marketing outlet they can to get people interacting with the brand and improve their ranking. Google algorithms are updated at a rapid rate and now include social media interaction. Search Engine Land said that because conversion is so important, brands need to interact more with consumers via blogs, email, social media platforms and any other communication channels available.

Building awareness
As more visitors come to the website, marketers should build a strong conversion marketing plan that leads interested parties right to a call to action. When other users see more people interacting with the brand on its site and on social media platforms, they will be more interested and further research the company. Search engines will notice the increased hype for that website and list it as one of the most relevant sites in related searches.