The Longtail Keyword: What It Is and How It Works

When it comes to local internet marketing, keywords and SEO are an important topic. However, there is much chatter about a term unfamiliar to most: the longtail keyword.

But what is it? How do you use it to help increase your marketing potential? Let's take a look.

What Is a Longtail Keyword?

A longtail keyword is typically a keyword or keyword phrase that is three or more words long. It usually is a bit more specific than normal searches and often includes descriptive details. For example, blue Honda Accord is considered a longtail keyword versus just Honda Accord.

How Would You Use a Longtail Keyword for Local Marketing?

In order to obtain the best search engine position possible for a variety of different topics related to your business, it is important to include long tail keywords. This is where local internet marketing can come in.

For example, say you own an Italian restaurant in Tacoma. Utilizing a longtail keyword, you might optimize your content to include the keywords best lasagna in Tacoma or authentic Italian restaurant in Tacoma instead of Italian restaurant.  This use of longtail keywords helps potential customers find the right solution for their search each time.

How Do You Know What Longtail Keywords to Use?

Of course, the best answer is working with a business partner who understands longtail keyword marketing. However, the easiest way to come up with keywords yourself is to think like your potential customers. By doing a search for what you would look for if you were looking for your products and keeping a list, you can easily discover what longtail keywords are best suited for your business.