Tips for the geo-targeted business

Getting a business noticed online is a process. Since Google is the favored search engine of the majority, there is a constant battle to appear on its first page of search results, as it is more likely a company will be seen by consumers, thus increasing revenue.

Search Engine Watch reports one way to increase local SEO clout is to include geo-specific keywords on a company's website, since this will ensure that more relevant people click on the link and there will be less competition to rank highly on local search results.

The news source adds that businesses should pay attention to the types of reviews they receive, since Google includes these on its Places listings. Inviting happy customers to add reviews to a listing can increase consumer confidence in that company in the future.

Furthermore, it's important to mention the business location throughout the website. This allows search engines to associate the site's pages with a specific place or region.

The news source notes in a separate article that despite the changing landscape of search engine results pages and SEO tactics, core principles for increasing visibility still remain. These include applying a direct response methodology to organic search, creating more detailed keywords and providing quality over quantity.