Title tag tips for improved SEO

The HTML title tag is an important part of a company's local SEO campaign, as it defines the name of a web page and concisely describes page content, according to Usability Geek.

Title tags are recognized by web browsers, search engines and social bookmarking sites. Users use title tags to identify sites that contain the information they're looking for and to find a website they've previously bookmarked in their browser.

The news source recommends certain guidelines when creating a title tag for optimal SEO effect. These include placing keywords at the beginning since search engines assign more importance to the first word. Also, using keyphrases instead of keywords will result in a higher page rank. Modifiers such as "best," "offers" or "cheap" can improve rank because these are words users tend to type in prior to a keyword. Also, use an acronym if possible in conjunction with the keyword, since it's feasible that users will search for one or the other.

SEOMoz reports that it's best practice to keep an HTML title tag within 70 characters or less.