Using the Google +1 button to enhance SEO

Despite the fact that Google+ has yet to allow business pages, there are other ways owners and webmasters can utilize the social network and its +1 button to enhance local SEO, Search Engine Watch reports.

Timothy Jordan, developer advocate at Google, explained to the media outlet that it couldn't hurt to anoint someone within the company that has a Google+ presence to represent a business in a similar capacity to an actual company page. This will ultimately make the transition to a company page easier.

Plus, webmasters can use the +1 button to recommend an entire category of products rather than a single product. Also, adding the graphic onto a company website will result in an entire site endorsement when a user clicks on it.

Jordan noted that the +1 button on mobile devices can work similar to a QR code, in which users can press the image to save an item on a website. This would allow the product to appear prominently when they use search engines, with related recommendations also shown.

Slash Gear adds that Google has increased the speed with which the +1 button loads by three times, and webmasters can update their embedded Javascript codes behind it to load with the same frequency.