Why SEO will continue to live on

One of the primary reasons that search engine optimization (SEO) isn't likely to disappear because of recent Google algorithm changes is because it helps companies better understand consumer language, Search Engine Watch reports.

The news source notes that keywords aren't entirely an "SEO thing," but rather a marketing thing. SEO experts provide a service that lets companies better understand the language their audience likes to speak.

"Good keyword research is actually user research into the language that is most often used by your prospective and current customers to describe your products, services and content topics," the media outlet explains.

What's more, SEO best practices are difficult to learn, and the lay store owner will still need SEO experts to explain algorithm rule changes and how they affect businesses' standing on Google search engine results.

For instance, the news source notes in a separate article that there were 40 new updates to Google in February alone. This includes its "Venice Update," which aims to increase personalization during local search. Now, aside from relevance, distance and prominence, traditional organic search SEO ranking factors will play a more decisive role in whether a local website appears on the first page.