3 Ways To Use Videos For Online Local Marketing

Videos represent a powerful communication medium for local businesses in the 21st century. This is especially true since mobile marketing offers expanded opportunities for local businesses serious about online marketing. The question for many business owners is, what is the best way to build an online video marketing campaign that is unique and that delivers high-quality traffic to my local business website?


Here are three powerful ways you can use videos for your local online marketing efforts:


  1. Your branded YouTube channel
  2. Vine + Twitter
  3. Google+ Hangouts


Your Branded YouTube Channel


YouTube needs no introduction. For most local businesses, a branded channel updated regularly with powerful video content can drive traffic back to your local business website and lead to more sales. The key is to produce high-quality videos on a regular basis.


High quality does not mean expensive, nor does "regular basis." If you have a staff person who can use a computer and Windows Movie Maker, then you can create your own videos.


Hang On The Twitter Vine


In October 2012, Twitter purchased a mobile app called Vine. Vine allows you to share six-second video segments from your mobile phone. The app is available currently for the iPhone, iPod touch and Android phones.


You might be asking, what kind of video can I show in six seconds? At one time, people were asking, "What can I say in 140 characters?" Today, however, millions of people are using Twitter every day. Now, many of those same Twitter users are downloading the Vine app and uploading six-second videos, which they share on Twitter.


The key to using these six-second videos is to be consistent. All you really have to do is show a short product demonstration or record a brief segment that illustrates what your company is all about. If you can creatively provide a video illustration of your company's brand in a short video and post it to Twitter, then you can begin to capture the imaginations of your audience. It doesn't have to be profound or sophisticated.


Hanging Out On Google+


Perhaps one of the most powerful online video marketing tools, even for local businesses, is the Google+ Hangout feature. With this feature, you can schedule a video hangout on Google+ for up to 10 people and record it in real time. Then you can share your recording with your Google+ circles and even share it on YouTube. If you have a branded YouTube channel, you can share your Google+ Hangout there and "double up" on your local video marketing efforts.


What Local Video Marketing Is All About


Local video marketing, like any online marketing, is about driving traffic to your business website and branding your company using the latest tools at your disposal. Marketing in the 21st century is fast, rapidly changing and visual. It's also mobile. There is no reason why your local small business can't take advantage of all the same tools available to larger businesses.