Best Website Fixes: Make Sure You Add Charisma

Charisma is defined as a special attraction or charm that appeals to people. The word comes from Greek meanings "to favor" or "to rejoice." When it comes to Internet and website presence, there is no question that some company sites have appeal and charisma, and others are a brain dump of content posted without any organization. Website designers in general are often given the credit for an attractive landing page. However, Internet charisma involves more than just a good graphic and color mix.

What's Your Draw?

To generate charisma, a website or Internet presence needs to have gravity. This is the draw that brings people to the site or social media page in the first place. Gravity can be generated by a number of different activities but there needs to be a plan that units them together. This is where taking the time in understanding how to create an Internet marketing strategy plays a key role for a business.

The overall marketing message needs to be the same on every Internet activity whether using newsletters, affiliates, podcasts, webinars, networking, email blasts, links and more. The best way to visualize this approach is to think of gravity as a hub, and all the activities used as wheel spokes. They are different in their aspects but each spoke is connected to the same overall draw and message.

Develop the Catalyst

When a company's gravity starts to work and draw readers, there needs to be an interaction. This means avoiding the following mistakes:

  • Creating a link only to a general company page that is relevant instead of a special page or social media destination that directly delivers the company message.
  • Offering no free content once the reader actually visits.
  • Presenting inconsistent or undeveloped content, giving the impression of a half-baked website not ready for prime time.
  • Spending too much time generating traffic versus good consumer and reader relationships with commentary and interaction.
  • Failing to have a conversion point where a consumer provides their information or takes a desired action in exchange for free content access.

Instead, a company should make sure every aspect of an Internet presence from website to social media account presents a consistent, professional appearance and keeps coming back to the same desired message and action that a consumer should take. Interaction should be helpful, plenty and focused, so that readers feel their questions or comments are taken seriously and they are valued. In short, when done well, a business's online charisma should be developed in such a way that a reader or consumer would actually want to be part of the company.

When it works, the return on investment can be as much as 10 times the effort put in. Why? Because readers and interested parties return on their own volition after being hooked. They act very much like retained customers, which most agree take far less effort to convert to a sale than a brand new cold customer. 

In Summary

Internet charisma doesn't happen automatically, despite the appearance that some companies just automatically have their act together day one on the Internet; in fact, presence and presentation take a lot of thought and work. The key question every company should always be asking itself regularly is: would I want to visit this site on my own? If not or there's hesitation, more work is needed.