Tips for creating a successful paid ad strategy

If you’ve decided to invest money in paid advertising, it is essential that you spend time learning how to get the absolute most out of it. Paid advertising was once the standard in online marketing, however, this is no longer the case. With so many different ways to spread the word about your business, paid advertising is now just one of many marketing methods to employ.

Since consumers are accustomed to paid ads and have found other ways to find new businesses, you must learn how to get the most out of your paid advertisements.

Research Your Audience Thoroughly

Audience research is vital for success with paid advertisements. Paid ad tools will give hundreds of different ways to target specific types of users. If you have not done adequate research, you might end up just wasting money.

If you are an established business, simply look through your existing customer records to determine your average customer. Where do they live? How did they find your website? What are their other interests?

As a part of this research and the process of buying advertisements, consider local search engine marketing. This method of marketing targets specific keywords based on their location. When you purchase a paid advertisement, you typically have the option to indicate ideal keywords. This is when local search marketing can really shine. Your ads will typically be cheaper and more effective.

Create an Amazing Paid Ad

Whether you’re using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or another paid ad partner, you must have an amazing advertisement.

Each ad should have the following:

  • A headline that catches the eye. This is the most important element of your ad. It is typically going to create the actual link. Avoid using overdone types of headlines (such as ‘click here now’ type ploys), and at the same time, avoid trying to present too much information. The right headline advertisement is intriguing and somewhat informative.
  • Create compelling copy. Typically displayed under your headline, you’ll have a sentence or two to further attract a click. This ad copy is vital. Expand on the intrigue you built with your headline and present more information.
  • Many types of paid advertisements will allow for the usage of images. This is becoming the norm for most programs. Select an image that is related to your product or message. If you’re selling golf clubs, don’t have a picture of a beach. While some types of images will attract more clicks than others, you also want to attract the right people. If they visit your site and leave, you just paid for nothing.

Spend time researching your ideal target market and create a compelling ad. You may even wish to hire a professional to write your ad. Since you’ll be spending your hard earned revenue on these ads, spend the extra time or money to ensure that they are effective. While even poorly written ads will likely generate some interest, a stellar ad will make the most out of your paid advertising.